NewK: We’ve All Had Our Moments.


Side 1:

1.) Crossing (for David Crosby & James Raymond)     

2.) Light and Dark (for Rebecca Martin)

3.) Enough About You (for Elvis Costello)

4.) Faith (for Sean Caley Newcott)

5.) Madonna and Child (for Kathleen & Roseanna)

6.) Destiny’s Collateral (for David & Joni) 

7.) Aperture  (for Henri Cartier Bresson & Alan Pasqua)

Side 2:

1.) The Next S&G (for Jimmy & Johnny)      

2.) The Great Unwatched (for Christopher Walsh & Allan Holdsworth)     

3.) No Man’s Land (for Fiona Apple, Jon Brion & Robert Fripp)     

4.) Shades of Grey (for Sam Shepard)

5.) Soul of a Scot (for Jack Bruce)     

6.) Fellowship (for Brian Blade & Jon Cowherd)

7.) Two Worlds  (for Erin & Leslie)


NewK: Vocals; piano; electric & acoustic guitars; drums

Blake Reynolds:electric bass; electric guitar; orchestrations

Produced by NewK & Blake Reynolds

Recorded & Mixed by Blake Reynold

All music & lyrics by NewK (aka John Newcott)

© Sean Francis 2018