Current Projects

NewK w/Gatefold: We’ve All Had Our Moments, a 6-song follow-up to 2018’s The Purity of Habit & Home is in post-production and scheduled for a June 30, 2023, release, digitally on Bandcamp: plus a limited run of physical CDs.

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  1. Destiny’s Collateral (for David Crosby) 
  2. Creases (for Becca Stevens) 
  3. Clown Car (for Walter Becker)
  4. Pay Attention (for Hannah Ruby & Hannah A) 
  5. The Great Unwatched (for Christopher Walsh & Allan Holdsworth) 
  6. Challenge or Dare, Part 1 (for Bear)

Gatefold is:

NewK: vocals; piano & keyboards; acoustic & electric rhythm guitars;  arrangements;

Blake Reynolds: bass; electric guitars; drums & percussion programming; ukulele (2); clarinet (3); string quartet (4); arrangements;

Christopher Walsh: electric & acoustic lead & lead rhythm guitars

All songs composed by NewK (aka John Newcott)

© Sean Francis 2023

Produced by Blake Reynolds

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Blake Reynolds

All tracks recorded, mixed, mastered at Dinofarm Studios

Goldens Bridge, NY

Additional recording at NewK Studios Jersey City, NJ

P & © 2023 NewK All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws

NewK: The Purity of Habit & Home (2nd)